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 Classes and Teachers

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Raphael Penn

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PostSubject: Classes and Teachers   Wed Aug 06, 2008 7:46 pm

Teachers for classes are as follows. Note that teachers have different requirements for passing their classes and you'll have to take a final exam for each teacher before moving up a year.

Hogwarts Headmaster-

Potions Professor- Vincent Valentine

Transfiguration Professor- Jaci Alretz

Care of Magical Creatures Professor- Amy Jones

DADA Professor- Anagano (shbmroctober22)

Charms Professor-

Ancient Runes Professor-

Divination Professor-

Arithmancy Professor-

History Of Magic Professor-

Muggle Studies Professor-

Herbology Professor- Riley Potter

Astronomy Professor-


Keeper Of Keys-

Head Librarian-

Head Healer- Rosso Valentine (Vincent Valentine)

Flying Professor-
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Classes and Teachers
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