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A more serious, mature Harry Potter RPG.
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 Cedric Diggory

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Head Boy

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PostSubject: Cedric Diggory   Thu Sep 04, 2008 1:03 pm

Character Name:Cedric Diggory
Former/Current House:Hufflepuff(((can i be perfect?cuz cedric is perfect.)))
Bloodline/Family (if any):No bloodline(couldīt fnd if you could help me finding)
Character History (detailed):Cedric Diggory was a very good student.He become perfect and learned very things.He was perfect at making spells.He was a good student,as the teachers say.

Character Relationships (this includes enemies and friends):
Cho chang


Draco Malfoy
Lucios Malfoy
Death Eaters
Lord Voldemort

RP Sample: Cedric diggory fell asleep.He waked up."I am late to the perfect meeting.Got to get up."Cedric diggory get up and changed into the school clotes."Here i go."Cedric started running down the stairs very fast ."Maybe this way will be faster."I enter a picture and get out of it right in front of a ladder and jump off it to another one."Hehehe."I start running and jumping and get to the room."In here finally."I enter the room and see no one is in there."HUH?!"Cedric said."But,But,..."I sit on a chair and wait for someone to appear."No one?"cedric getted up and started walking away as he saw a note on the notescreen."This meeting will ocure another day."Cedric started going away .I get to my room and sleep.

Character Appearance:The picture.

Your Info:

Contact Method:ruca_fcp@hotmail.com
Alt. Contact Method (if applicable):bent_iroso@hotmail.com
How often will you be on this board?:every day
Will you be active?:yes
Will you recruit people?:maybe
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Hogwarts Faculty

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PostSubject: Cedric Diggory   Thu Sep 04, 2008 1:16 pm

Approved. The Sorting Hat says HUFFLEPUFF!

My gun Cerberus

This is Me

Me as the Green Goblin

My sister Rosso Valentine
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Cedric Diggory
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