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 The Most Noble and Ancient House of Penn

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Raphael Penn

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PostSubject: The Most Noble and Ancient House of Penn   Tue Sep 09, 2008 1:45 pm

Family Name: Penn
Blood Purity (half/full/muggleborn): Full
Family Assets: A sprawling 500 acre property with a lake, a forest, and some lowland grassy areas where Penn Manor is protected.
Family History (detailed): Alexan Penn, the creator of the Confoundus charm, was the original founder of the Penn pureblood family when he married Rowena Aman, a witch originally born in India and the only surviving heir of one of the foremost Indian pureblood families. They had three sons, Michael, Thomas, and Ulysses Penn, and the lineage continued until Alexander Penn married his wife Elizabeth and had Raphael. The family is a well known neutral family, however recently they have been leaning more towards the light.
Family Roster:
Raphael Penn (alive)
Alexander Penn (deceased)
Elizabeth Penn (deceased)
Traditional Family House: Ravenclaw
Family Spells:
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The Most Noble and Ancient House of Penn
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