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 Rosso Valentine

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Vincent Valentine
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Hogwarts Faculty

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PostSubject: Rosso Valentine   Fri Oct 03, 2008 11:18 am

Name: Rosso Valentine


Rosso the Crimson

Cat Woman

Sex: Male

Age: Appears 20 but is actually 50

Rank: Head Healer of Hogwarts

Race: Vampire

House: Studied in Durnstrome


Normal Attire: Has red eyes. Has pasty white skin. Has skin that is as cold as a dead body's. Has fangs like a vampire.

Hob Goblin Outfit:

Personality: Rosso is a quiet, but seductive person. She has a 'silver tongue' & is good at sweet talking & persuading people.


Has a wand.

Wand: 12 3/4 inches, Wood from a Whomping Willow, Manticore Venom as a core, very, stiff, good for the Dark Arts.

Has a Gringotts Account

Carries a red sword.


Father: Count Grimore Valentine (Vampire) (Deceased)

Mother: Name Unknown (Race Unknown) (Status Unknown)

Grandfather: Count Dracula Valentine (Vampire) (Deceased)

Adoptive Brother: Count Vincent Valentine (Vampire) (Alive)

Bloodline: Vampire but is also a Pureblood

Alignment: Neutral

History: (I'll do it later)

My gun Cerberus

This is Me

Me as the Green Goblin

My sister Rosso Valentine
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Rosso Valentine
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