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 sammynine's character

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PostSubject: sammynine's character   Sat Dec 20, 2008 9:12 am

Name: Lynce Mallow

Sex: Male

Age: 21

Race: Vampire

Rank: Teacher

House: Griffindor

Looks: http://www.quizilla.com/user_images/H/HI/HIT/hitoame/1134266294_boy_1.jpg

Inventory/Items: In a shoulder-bag, Lynce has random bits of food and drink and his wand.

Family: Entire family (mum's side were vampires) is deceased, murdered by Voldemort

Blood Type: Muggle-born

Alliance: Good

History: As a boy, Lynce witnessed his family killed by Lord Voldemort. He has, from then on, only ever worn black and vowed to avenge his family's death. His invitation to Hogwarts gave him a perfect opportunity to train to do so. During his days in Hogwarts, he was horribly teased by the students for being a vampire, but his teachers treated him with respect and equality. When he left Hogwarts, he was determined to return and did so as a teacher.

Personality and Beliefs: Lynce believes that everyone is equal. The only person that should be treated differently is Lord Voldemort, who should be killed as soon as possible, and vows that it will be him that kills Voldemort. He treats all teachers and students with respect, even though the students treat him differently. Well, that's not ENTIRLY true, about 25% of the students respect him, but the other 75% treat like he is not one of their own.

Contact Info:

AIM/MSN/Yahoo/Email: sammy_nine@yahoo.co.uk
Will you be on twice a week or more?: At least once a week, mostly twice a week or more.
Other Methods of Contact (if any): Nope
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sammynine's character
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