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 Character Template (Custom)

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Raphael Penn

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PostSubject: Character Template (Custom)   Wed Aug 06, 2008 3:58 pm

BEFORE POSTING YOUR APP: Please remove everything between the (). Also remove these two sentences.

Name: (Your character's name)

Sex: (Your character's gender)

Age: (Your character's age)

Race: (Tell us if your a vampire, werewolf, human, etc)

Rank: (Example, Death Eater, Teacher, etc)

House: (You will be sorted by an RPG mod or admin, we will assign you a house. However, if you are a teacher & you went to Hogwarts, then put the house you were in)

Looks: (Give us a picture of your character or a detailed description)


Family: (Name some of your family members, their race & if they are alive or dead. Example, Jane Parker, Human, Alive)

Blood Type: (Pureblood, Muggleborn, Half-Blood or Quarter-Blood)

Alliance: (Good/Evil/Neutral)

History: (must be detailed)

Personality and Beliefs: (Make this DETAILED, it is based on this you will be sorted)

Contact Info:

Will you be on twice a week or more?:
Other Methods of Contact (if any):
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Character Template (Custom)
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