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 The Firebolt Family

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PostSubject: The Firebolt Family   Thu Aug 07, 2008 1:42 pm

Family Name: Firebolt

Blood Purity: Pureblood

Family Assets: Modest income, nowhere near as rich as the Malfoys, but wealthier than the Weasleys. Everybody in this family has been a Ravenclaw.

Family History: Geez, we go WAY back. Agustus Firebolt is the first known Firebolt to go to Hogwarts, and start the Ravenclaw trend. He met his wife, Minerva, at Hogwarts, and they had Peter Firebolt...and the same thing happened all the way down. Meeting at hogwarts, getting married, having Ravenclaw kids.

Family Roster: Currently, the only members of the Firebolt family that are alive are Peter IV and Molly Firebolt, their children Jagomir and Missy, and Peter's sister, Kelly.

Traditional Family House: Ravenclaw

Family Spells: um, not sure what you mean by that.
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The Firebolt Family
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