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A more serious, mature Harry Potter RPG.
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Raphael Penn

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PostSubject: RECRUITMENT contest!   Thu Aug 07, 2008 3:29 pm

We here at ROTS are sponsoring a recruitment contest. The requirements are as follows:

-Anyone who is a member may enter
-The more ACTIVE members you recruit the more you have a chance of winning
-No alternate accounts (that is, accounts coming from the same computer) will be counted
- The people you recruit should be open to being a first year student (we do have professorships open but we ask that those people be literate with a good grasp of spelling and grammar)
-winner gets the following (pick 1):

rpg mod status (NOT admin status)
$25,000 reward
50 house points
automatically approved custom family or spell or second character unless there is EXTREME godmod

Second place gets (pick 1):

25 house points
$10,000 reward
automatically approved second character (as long as every field in the app is filled in)

Contest will run for 1 month. Winners will be announced September 15th. Every person that signs up under your direction must PM an RPG admin/mod and let them know.

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