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 The Penn Family

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Raphael Penn

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PostSubject: The Penn Family   Thu Aug 07, 2008 2:43 pm

Family Name: Penn
Blood Purity (half/full/muggleborn): Pureblood
Family Assets:
Gringotts Accounts-Penn Family, Meriweather family, Hawkins Family, Umbrus Family, Penn Manor in the English countryside, 1K acres of land.
Family History (detailed): The patriarch of the Penn Family, Nicholas Penn, was one of the greatest potions masters to ever live. Nicholas married Romilda Meriweather, having two sons, Castor Penn and Pollux Penn. Pollux died childless, but Castor married Elizabeth Hawkins, a witch from a pureblood family, and they had seven sons. The oldest son, Parker, carried on the family line until his distant grandson, Reginald Penn married Sophia Michaels, a pureblood, and had one son, Raphael.
Family Roster:
Reginald Penn
Sophia Penn
Raphael Penn
Traditional Family House (if applicable): Ravenclaw
Family Spells: Telepathy Spell, Lightning Spell
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The Penn Family
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